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Reed Exhibitions group appeared at the conference of flexographic printing association

join hands to welcome the second spring of industrial development

on October 23, the third member congress and the eighth annual meeting of flexographic printing branch of China Printing Technology Association were held in Weifang, Shandong Province. The company is an important production supplier in the field of automotive modified plastics in China. More than 200 representatives from the national flexo printing industry attended the event. Lizhan Expo Group, the organizer of China International corrugation exhibition, also sent representatives to the conference

zhangshuangru, executive vice president of China Printing Technology Association, attended the conference and fully affirmed the work done by the Second Council, and hoped that the elites in the flexo printing industry would follow the trend of green printing development and promote the steady development of the flexo printing industry. Another topic of this conference is the general election. After the voting of all the members of the association, the Third Council with Zhou Jianbao as the chairman was elected, and this resolution was unanimously supported by the majority of member units

Reed Exhibitions group was once again invited by the association to send representatives to attend the 2013 flexo annual meeting after its trip to Xiamen, and expressed warm congratulations on the election of chairman Zhou Jianbao, looking forward to the success of the Third Council. The elites of flexographic printing industry gathered at the site of this annual meeting, and the exchange atmosphere was warm. During the meeting, a series of wonderful technical speeches were also held. More than 10 excellent enterprises in the industry, such as Shandong Dechuang, DuPont, aiske, Kodak, etc., brought the latest industry technical information to the audience

the 2015 China International corrugation Exhibition hosted by Reed Exhibitions group also made a successful promotion during the conference. The participants showed great interest in the flexo printing area of China International corrugation exhibition. They asked the exhibition representatives for the details of the exhibition and said that they would participate in this industry event. They hoped to have the opportunity to have in-depth exchanges and cooperation with more industry insiders in the exhibition

2015 China International corrugation exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 14 to April 17, 2015. As the world's leading professional corrugation equipment, consumables and technology exhibition, this special flexo printing zone meets the flexo printing technology and equipment of the carton industry. We need to find the real "killer" utilization demand of graphene and provide overall production solutions. Drive the development of China's flexo printing industry and stimulate the development potential of the flexo printing market

on site rostrum of the third member congress and the eighth annual meeting of the flexographic printing branch of China Printing Technology Association

about 2015 China International corrugation Exhibition China International corrugation exhibition is the world's leading professional corrugation equipment, consumables and technology exhibition, gathering more than 600 industry leading brands in 67000 square meters of exhibition area, presenting more than 1400 high-end and cost-effective equipment and more than 1000 kinds of consumables, Assist carton factories in making efficient purchasing decisions, provide them with channels to learn about cutting-edge products, innovative technologies and market dynamics, and build a unique platform for valuable communication with suppliers. As the world's leading corrugated packaging manufacturing exhibition, with the release of many new products, the prediction of market development trends and the active participation of industry elites, China International Corrugated exhibition will lead the rapid development of the industry

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about Reed Exhibitions group Greater China

Reed Exhibitions group Greater China is a subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions group, the world's leading Organizer of exhibitions and conferences. Reed Exhibitions group has more than 3500 employees around the world and holds more than 500 exhibition projects in 40 countries. Its exhibition and conference portfolio serves 43 industries across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa. In 2013, Reed Exhibitions attracted more than 6 million participants from all over the world and reached billions of dollars of business transactions for its customers

after more than 20 years of rapid development, Reed Exhibitions group Greater China has now become the leading exhibition organizer in China, with eight outstanding member companies: Reed Exhibitions Group China, Reed Exhibitions Sinopharm, Reed Exhibitions (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Reed Exhibitions Beijing Huaqun Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lixin Exhibition Co., Ltd., Reed Exhibitions Beijing photosynthetic Exhibition Co., Ltd Reed Exhibitions Huabai Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Henan Reed Exhibitions Hongda Exhibition Co., Ltd

at present, Reed Exhibitions group has more than 500 employees in China, serving 11 professional fields in China: electronic manufacturing and assembly; Machine tools, metal processing and industrial materials; packing; Life science and medicine, health care, beauty and cosmetics, leisure sports; Gifts and home furnishings; Automotive aftermarket; life style; Gambling; Publication; Real estate and tourism; Ocean, energy, oil and gas

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