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Red bend will appear at the 2014 China International Information and Communication Exhibition

red bend will reveal how to remotely manage various software for mobile devices when participating in the China International Information and Communication Exhibition for the first time

in 2014, red bend software company, which has a software installed capacity of more than 2billion, will jointly participate in the 2014 China International Information and Communication Exhibition (booth 2233, hall 2) held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing with the open mobile communication Alliance (OMA), the founder of the mobile industry standard, after going through the world mobile communication conference in Barcelona, Shanghai Mobile Asia Expo, and Shenzhen IIC China Electronic Engineering event. As a leader in the field of mobile software management, in general, red bend has continuously increased its research and development efforts in more than a decade to ensure the excellent quality of its FOTA upgrade, device management, and Mobile Virtualization solutions, so as to meet the market entry test standards continuously improved by operators in various countries. On the other hand, red bend continues to expand its application market. It not only ranks first in the installed capacity of FOTA solutions in the global mobile and tablet computer market, but also applies various solutions to various mobile devices such as enterprise byod, automobile, ECU, wearable/iot, etc

with OMA DM international industry standard and mature technology, red bend software company will show the application of its latest type-1 virtualization innovation scheme and wireless software management scheme based on OMA DM SCOMO in vehicle and in vehicle infotainment system Red bend's drop in device management client is a leading independent DM software, which can provide preset, configuration, device information retrieval, locking and erasure, FOTA and application management capabilities to meet the needs of mobile operators and device manufacturers for device management. Its performance is cross platform, cross operating system functions, connecting computer printers to achieve full computer control and print standard experimental reports; The experimental data curve is dynamically displayed with Windows operating system, and the experimental data can be deleted and added at will, which makes the operation of the curve easier relaxed. Curve traversal can be carried out anytime, anywhere Superimpose Separation Zoom Printing and other full electronic display monitoring Proven on smart, tablet, connected devices and (M2M) wireless modules

in addition, from the perspective of users in enterprise B, the efforts made by red bend in the Yod device market are slowly beginning to blossom and bear fruit. At present, business people who use personal intelligence for business work are increasingly concerned about privacy and security vulnerabilities. In order to separate private and business models, two operating systems have begun to appear on an intelligence. Not used for the monitoring and management of the whole production line is the same as the sandbox scheme whose security is questioned. Red bend's byod scheme adopts type1 Mobile Virtualization innovation technology, which can isolate the access between the two operating systems by building a virtual layer to avoid malware intrusion. This scheme is not only conducive to the management of software in the intelligent device enterprise domain and the provision of IT services, but also helps employees protect all kinds of information and data in the private domain. At present, those equipped with red bend byod scheme have been commercially available in South Korea

red bend has been a member of the Open Mobile Communications Alliance (OMA) for more than 10 years. During this 10 years, the client software developed by red bend in accordance with OMA standards has always enjoyed high reputation and trust in the global market, including Asia. OMA and red bend will help the audience understand how open norms can help the mobile value chain, including Asia, build internationally interoperable mobile services

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