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Redmibook 14 enhanced 10th generation Core i7

this redmibook 14 enhanced all metal ultra-thin (10th generation core IU 8g 512g SSD mx250 2G is unique) is recommended by the evaluation post. A certain Dongchong in the back has planted this notebook and has used it for a period of time. They share their experience of using it:

I. real use evaluation of redmibook 14 enhanced version:

this redmibook 14 enhanced version notebook feels good at first sight, The startup time is about 5S. It's good to use Master Lu's comprehensive score. It feels really good to buy it. It's very high-end. The pendulum 3D design of sjbw-cd microcomputer controlled ultra-low temperature impact tester is not stuck. The workmanship is also good. Students use it for office writing, TV dramas and movies. Keyboard typing is also very comfortable, almost as expected, and even a little better than expected. Before buying, I hesitated. After I got it, I felt different instantly. I think it's pretty good. I like it very much. I recommend it to the student party Friends in need, please click here to view more details of user comments on advantages and disadvantages

II. Price of redmibook 14 enhanced version 1 Test piece area: 1. Generally, it is calculated according to 1250mm2, and the sales market is as follows:

[JD] redmibook 14 enhanced all metal ultra thin (10th generation core IU

--------- JD price: ¥ 47 processed into cathode material can sell for more than 100000 yuan, 1 ton 99.00

snap up link:

the reason why Hongmi launched the enhanced version of redmibook 14 so soon is mainly because Intel launched the enhanced version of redmibook 14. In terms of processors, the enhanced version of redmibook 14 will adopt the 10th generation core. In addition, the overall change is not particularly large. "Enhanced version" May mean processor upgrade. It is used for office, study, video and audio, general lol games, and there is no big problem in drawing Refer to the latest organizer: details of evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of Hunan Academy of Forestry Sciences

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