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The reel/anti-counterfeit self-adhesive label production line was put into operation in Nanchang

and the supporting development project of Jiangxi manufacturing industry - the reel/anti-counterfeit self-adhesive label production line was put into operation in Nanchang high tech Zone. The author learned that this project has filled the gap in Jiangxi, and has received strong support from Jiangxi Packaging Association and Jiangxi Printing Association from project establishment to production. This is the embodiment of Jiangxi industry association in implementing the service work of Jiangxi provincial Party committee and provincial government to develop Jiangxi economy

according to the statistics of Nanchang customs, the total import and export value of Jiangxi Province in the first quarter of 2005 accumulated 876 million US dollars, an increase of 40% year-on-year. In the structure of export products, clothing, mechanical and electrical products and textile yarn, fabrics and products account for half of the total export value, and these three types of products need to use a large number of export labels. In addition, it is learned that Hong Kong, the United States, and the European Union Japan ranks among the top four foreign trade partners of Jiangxi respectively. The marketization degree and market access threshold of the four places are very high, and the requirements for product labels and other aspects are very strict. For a long time, the label processing level in the province has lagged behind the international standards and even the domestic market demand for a long time. Enterprises in the province have to go to other provinces to print a small label. A small label is enough to show that the development of enterprises needs a supporting regional environment

Jiangxi Hongtai color printing company of Hongtai group grasps the development trend of the world's labels, seizes the favorable opportunity of Jiangxi's rise in the central region, and "gets the right time, occupies the right place, and enjoys the harmony of people", and invests in two self-adhesive Reel/anti-counterfeiting label production lines. These two production lines are not simply superimposed and introduced, but after investigation and demonstration of the label market in the province and in China, they are designed and manufactured separately by Japan with unique functional requirements. The production line integrates printing, polishing, anti-counterfeiting and die-cutting, and integrates embossing, offset printing and UV flexo printing. It can flexibly produce various labels according to the personality of customers' products

with the improvement of global environmental protection awareness, both countries and the public are very concerned about the environmental protection of products. In printing, ink is a source of pollution, and the solvents and heavy metal elements in its components are slightly harmful to human body. Hongtai color printing advocates the concept of green printing, and uses UV environmental friendly ink for printing, which has a series of advantages such as no solvent, fast drying speed, low energy consumption, good gloss, bright color, water resistance, solvent resistance, good wear resistance, etc. more importantly, using UV ink can meet international standards; In terms of post press processing, glazing is used instead of film covering process, because the film covered on the printed matter is difficult to degrade, and the glazing process is cured and dried with a light oil light source, which will not cause white pollution to the environment

while economic development has benefited the society, there are still criminals who pursue profits recklessly, forge counterfeits that are difficult to distinguish from the real ones, and realize industrial production, causing losses to enterprises and buyers. Taking advantage of the advantages of Nanchang Yatai label anti-counterfeiting technology research institute, Hongtai color printing is committed to the promotion and application of label anti-counterfeiting technology, and is unique in plate pattern anti-counterfeiting, ink anti-counterfeiting, material anti-counterfeiting and other aspects. The company can provide "one-to-one anti-counterfeiting labels" for different customers, generally including actual operation impact experiment, lightning impact experiment, steep wave front impact experiment scheme, and design the anti scanning, anti duplication and anti-theft version of printed labels, Anti counterfeiting ink and special materials not only have good anti-counterfeiting effect, but also have exquisite and novel patterns, which have market competitiveness

Hongtai color printing continues to segment the market and serve the manufacturing industry in Jiangxi. It pays close attention to the development of the industry. The bottom rung of the movable steel ladder is (400 ± 5) mm from the ground, in line with international standards, and wins the favor of customers through specialization, high quality and fast speed. With the start of the market, the enterprise changes from production as the core to service as the core, and provides a set of personalized solutions. Providing services for the development of automatic labeling in pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises, with a special reel label printing scheme, can not only improve the quality of labels, but also improve the efficiency with automatic labeling machines, and anti-counterfeit labels can enhance the competitiveness of manufacturers. With the advantages of talents, technology and equipment, Hongtai color printing has actively explored the market, and has cooperated with many enterprises, such as Shanghai ANGLI in the health care industry, Huiren group in the pharmaceutical industry, Lianchuang Optoelectronics in the electronic industry, oaks in the household appliance industry, Nanfang Yasi in the clothing industry, nestle in the food industry and other customers

there will be times when the wind and waves break through, and the clouds will sail straight to the sea. Wangjiang xihongtai Color Printing Co., Ltd. develops itself while playing a supporting role in the manufacturing industry of Jiangxi Province in the construction of the rise of Jiangxi in the central region, and does a good job in labeling, so as to live up to the expectations of local provincial and municipal government departments and all sectors of society

source: Ma Shuyi, China Printing Association

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