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Redefine IDC the 15th China IDC industry annual ceremony was held in Beijing

on December 9, the 15th China IDC industry annual ceremony was grandly opened at the National Convention Center in Beijing. As the most influential industry event, the ceremony was full on the first day, attracting more than 3000 spectators. The conference was full, and the exhibition area was crowded. More than 400000 spectators watched the live broadcast of the conference through 20 online platforms. The enthusiasm of the participating leaders, guests, experts, exhibitors and visitors surged in the National Convention Center like an irresistible wave of new infrastructure

the annual ceremony of China's IDC industry is the largest and most influential industry event in the domestic data center industry. Every year, the grand ceremony adheres to the industrial development direction, accurately grasps the industrial development trend, and points out the direction for the development of the data center industry in the future

this year, the data center industry has experienced the double test of epidemic and new infrastructure. IDC has developed from the previous Internet infrastructure to the digital infrastructure supporting the development of the national digital economy, and is given a new mission; IDC has developed from a data center supporting interconnected applications to a center supporting digital computing power and capabilities in all walks of life, and has been given a new scene; IDC has developed from the previous traditional architecture into a super large-scale cluster + massive edge collaboration architecture, which has been given a new form; IDC has developed from the previous Telecom Resource operation into an ecosystem of coordinated operation of users, industries and capital, and has been given a new business model. Therefore, the theme of this year's annual ceremony of China's IDC industry is to redefine IDC, which is at the right time

Wang Xiaoli, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the China Academy of information and communications, delivered a speech at the ceremony on the morning of September 9. Wang Xiaoli said: as the core carrier of data infrastructure, data center provides a strong base for data storage, computing power and network connection, and has become an indispensable and important infrastructure for China's digital economy. Because of this, the domestic data center industry is facing unprecedented major development opportunities. At the same time, she pointed out that at present, industrial interconnection has become an important engine for the high-quality development of the national economy, and the huge demand for industrial computing generated by industrial interconnection will provide a new impetus for the development of data centers

Huang Chao, founder and CEO of China IDC circle

Huang Chao, founder and CEO of China IDC circle, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the organizer. He said: IDC industry is stepping into a new era of talent shortage and diversified users from an era of lack of funds, land and energy. In this new era, IDC has been redefined. It is hoped that colleagues in the data center industry will take this ceremony as an opportunity to promote exchanges and cooperation between the upstream and downstream of China's data center industry, promote the standardization of technology and products, promote the system construction of industry talents, and create a healthy IDC industrial ecosystem

Wu Zhongze, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, issued the title "new infrastructure and new technology lead the high-quality development of China's data center industry". He stressed that in recent years, a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial change are accelerating the evolution, especially digital technology has become more and more permeable and diffusive in all fields of economy and society, with intelligence, green The mass technological revolution characterized by ubiquity is triggering a major adjustment in the international industrial division of labor. Disruptive innovations leading to the fourth industrial revolution continue to emerge, especially the accelerated iteration of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum technology, blockchain, and so on. Without considering their compatibility and toughness, they continue to give birth to new industries, new formats, and new models, and the digital economy has sprung up

idcc2020 award ceremony

idcc2020 award ceremony

subsequently, the organizer presented the winners with the annual selection award of IDC industry in 2020. The selection lasted several months, and the awards covered IDC services, operations, construction design, solutions, overseas services and other aspects. The award-winning enterprises are outstanding in the above fields. This heavy honor is the best affirmation of the achievements and efforts of the award-winning IDC enterprises in the past year

the white paper on the development of new infrastructure of Beijing Tianjin Hebei data center, the white paper on the development of new infrastructure of data centers in the Yangtze River Delta and the white paper on the development of new infrastructure of data centers in Dawan district were released for the first time at the ceremony, providing important guidance for the development of new infrastructure and the construction of data centers in the region

he Baohong, director of the Institute of cloud computing and big data of the Chinese Academy of communications

he Baohong, director of the Institute of cloud computing and big data of the Chinese Academy of communications, Shen Yuanqing, executive chairman of the new retail business group of century Internet IDC, Shen Rong, vice president of Inspur information, Lin Qingmin, vice president of Kehua Hengsheng, Xu Rui, director and executive vice president of Beijing Zhongke Heying Data Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Haiming, senior vice president of wangguo data Jin Heping, chairman of the data center committee of China Communications Industry Association, chief information Engineer of China Three Gorges Group Co., Ltd., luomingwen, senior engineer of Midea central air conditioning research and development, houfujia, senior pre-sales expert of JD digital technology group, and other guests delivered keynote speeches respectively

he Baohong said in his speech that the data under the new infrastructure, but such hand-made models are not high in accuracy and wear resistance. The central industry has evolved from a commercial service to a social infrastructure, and needs to meet the needs of neutrality, openness, inclusiveness and so on. He believed that in the future, technology centers will inevitably become the commanding heights of technological innovation, and put forward four judgments for the new infrastructure of data centers to reach the peak: first, global IDC uses capacity computing power to measure growth; Second, the scale of the public cloud market is far larger than that of the private cloud market; Third, the enterprise digital team has become a logistics department; Fourth, the average academic qualifications of employees have declined

in the afternoon of the main forum, a wonderful round table discussion was held on the topic of the integration of users, IDC and capital under the new business format. Dr. Peng's big data East China sensor failed the most important and the longest, mainly due to the overload of experimental force. Yang Bo, general manager of the data center, presided over the meeting. Xu Jun, executive vice president of Shanghai dataport Co., Ltd., Liu Huanli, joint general manager of the management headquarters of Tianfeng securities in Dawan district and general manager of the structural finance department, Liang Yuyin, assistant general manager of e fund asset management Co., Ltd Li Li, President of Runze Technology Development Co., Ltd., had a full and in-depth exchange

in another round table discussion, under the chairmanship of Huang Chao, founder and CEO of China IDC circle, Chu Jun, director of environmental equipment department of China Minsheng Bank, Xia Liang, general manager of Shanghai Baoxin Data Center Co., Ltd., Li Xinxun, vice president of Beijing yihualu Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shen Rong, vice president of Inspur information Wang Qi, senior vice president of Wanguo data, and Wang Kai, vice president of ucloud youkede infrastructure platform line technology, conducted a comprehensive and in-depth discussion around the imagination of redefining IDC's future industry form

in order to better guide the supply and demand docking of data centers in major parks, idcc2020 held a 2020 Data Center Industrial Park cooperation conference hosted by the data center committee of China Communications Industry Association and hosted by the data center industrial park resource Promotion Association. Government leaders from several popular regional markets, such as Wulanchabu, Gui'an new area, Ningxia Zhongwei, were present to introduce the current situation of the development of the local data center industry. Together with many IDC enterprise executives and industry experts, they talked face-to-face about cooperation, communicated projects, understood regional policies and resources, and found cooperation opportunities

Alibaba cloud has always been in the leading position in the construction of liquid cooling data center. At this annual ceremony of IDC industry, Alibaba cloud infrastructure division and China IDC circle jointly hosted the Alibaba cloud infrastructure liquid cooling forum. Guo Yiqun, a senior expert of Alibaba cloud, Zhong Yangfan, a senior expert of Alibaba cloud, Ren Huahua, a senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud, Xi Yongqing, a senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud, And Wang Guan, a senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud, attended the forum and delivered a wonderful speech to share with you Alibaba cloud's innovative thinking and practical experience in the construction of submerged liquid cooling data center with only the replacement of sensors

in the exhibition area of idcc2020, a large number of upstream, midstream and downstream enterprises of the industry gathered, showing the development achievements of China's IDC industry in an all-round way. The conference specially invited industry experts to show the audience the live broadcast of the exhibition area. Xu Hengxin, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Xianyun Information Technology Co., Ltd. under Xdc, and fan Qiang, deputy president of the Electronic Engineering Institute of China Aviation planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd., together with IDC circle, presented a wonderful live broadcast of the exhibition area

China IDC circle enterprise Club opened a special area for member enterprises at the ceremony site, which includes not only the display area of member enterprises, but also the Italk speaker stage. Representatives of dozens of member enterprises successively made speeches on the stage, introducing products, technologies and solutions in detail, showing the corporate image and advantages

the final results of the siege lion IDC operation and maintenance competition were announced at the ceremony, and Huang Chao, founder and CEO of China IDC circle, presented awards to the award-winning teams one by one to encourage them to continue to contribute to the operation and maintenance of the data center in the new year

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