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Reed Exhibitions employees practice corporate society

Reed Exhibitions group is the organizer of 2015 China International corrugation exhibition. Recently, Reed Exhibitions Group employees in Greater China joined hands with charity nursery action and just ended a four-day volunteer trip in Yunnan Province, where they distributed hundreds of jackets donated by Reed Exhibitions employees for vulnerable children

the theme of this action is to give love to children as one of the main charity programs in Reed Exhibitions' corporate society this year. In this donation, Reed Exhibitions and the Hong Kong Charity nursery action jointly collected warm jackets and distributed them to school children in Shuifu County, Yunnan Province, to meet the upcoming winter. As of October 15, 142 employees of Reed Exhibitions Greater China and members of Reed Exhibitions' global management team have participated in donations. The cumulative voluntary donations reached 54960 yuan, equivalent to 458 warm clothes. Employees also donated stationery and other daily school supplies during the event

Shuifu county is one of the counties and cities under the jurisdiction of Zhaotong City. In August this year, Zhaotong City was seriously affected by a strong earthquake, causing more than 600 deaths and more than 2000 injuries

on October 26, the first day of the voluntary activity, volunteers from Reed Exhibitions' Beijing, Shanghai and Zhengzhou offices gathered in Shuifu nursery children's welfare home, where they played table tennis, badminton, rope skipping and basketball with the children, and spent the next afternoon

on Monday, October 27, at Liuhai nursery hope primary school in Shuidong village, Xiangjiaba Town, Shuifu County, Reed Exhibitions and nursery action team distributed coats and stationery to cheerful children. The school is located in the mountainous area of Yunnan Province and has nearly 150 students

the next day, the delegates distributed coats, stationery and other daily necessities, including scarves and hats for winter, to another school, hope primary school, Pingtou modern container terminal nursery, Sanjiao village, Liangwan Town, Shuifu county. The school is also located in the mountainous areas of Yunnan Province, with nearly 250 children, 80% of whom are from the Miao nationality. They spend the whole semester at school and only go home during holidays. Most of the children's parents work outside the village, and most of them are taken care of by their grandparents

at every stop of this charity event, Reed Exhibitions employees were moved by the unrestrained happiness of the children. Luke, who works in Reed Exhibitions Beijing office, went to Yunnan to participate in charity activities as a Reed Exhibitions volunteer. At the end of the event on October 29, he said that charity is an important society for enterprises, and there are still many friends in need of help in this society; Life should not only be for our own prosperity. Helping our friends in need can make us gain more happiness

moreover, as a member of a successful enterprise, we have better advantages to help others. As an employee of Reed Exhibitions, I think we should first work hard and create more material civilization, so as to enable us to participate in charity more effectively! I hereby call on my colleagues to be more frugal and less wasteful in life, and to pay more attention to friends who are facing difficulties around; Let's join hands and devote ourselves to Reed Exhibitions' philanthropy

EVA, who works in Reed Exhibitions' Shanghai office, said: in this volunteer action, we witnessed the difficult teaching and living conditions of children in mountain villages in Shuifu County, Yunnan Province. Especially the hope primary school on the mountain, because the transportation is extremely 5, it is in a horizontal environment without impact and vibration; Due to the inconvenience, the school is short of materials all year round, and due to the influence of mountain climate and high altitude, students have to spend a cold and humid winter. The most valuable experience in this journey is to get close to local children. Their bright smiles, warm, sensible, polite and helpful personality left a deep impression on me, and have also become the most valuable and beautiful memories in my life

Myra, who works in Reed Exhibitions Zhengzhou office, also participated in the volunteer trip. She said: because of the nursery activities, I can see the innocent smiling faces of the children deep in the mountains, and because everyone's little love converges into great love, adding some warmth to the children who encounter cold winter

about 2015 China International corrugation Exhibition China International corrugation exhibition is the world's leading professional corrugation equipment, consumables and technology exhibition. In the exhibition area of 67000 square meters, it gathers more than 600 industry leading brands, presents more than 1400 high-end and cost-effective equipment and more than 1000 kinds of consumables, assists carton factories in making efficient procurement decisions, and provides them with channels to learn about cutting-edge products, innovative technologies and market dynamics, Build a unique platform for valuable communication with suppliers. As the world's leading corrugated packaging manufacturing exhibition, with the release of many new products, the prediction of market development trends and the active participation of industry elites, China International Corrugated exhibition will lead the rapid development of the industry

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about Reed Exhibitions group Greater China

Reed Exhibitions group Greater China is a subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions group, the world's leading Organizer of exhibitions and conferences. Reed Exhibitions group has more than 3500 employees around the world and holds more than 500 exhibition projects in 40 countries. Its exhibition and conference portfolio serves 43 industries across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa. In 2013, Reed Exhibitions attracted more than 6 million participants from all over the world and reached billions of dollars of business transactions for its customers

after more than 20 years of rapid development, Reed Exhibitions group Greater China has now become the leading exhibition organizer in China, with eight outstanding member companies: Reed Exhibitions Group China, Reed Exhibitions Sinopharm, Reed Exhibitions (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Reed Exhibitions Beijing Huaqun Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lixin Exhibition Co., Ltd., Reed Exhibitions Beijing photosynthetic Exhibition Co., Ltd The viscosity index of Reed Exhibitions huabaizhan hydraulic oil is generally higher than 90 2.2 under the working temperature and the pressure of clearing up defects in time if they are found, visit (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Henan Reed Exhibitions Hongda Exhibition Co., Ltd

at present, Reed Exhibitions group has more than 500 employees in China, serving 11 professional fields in China: electronic manufacturing and assembly; Machine tools, metal processing and industrial materials; packing; Life science and medicine, health care, beauty and cosmetics, leisure sports; Gifts and home furnishings; Automotive aftermarket; life style; Gambling; Publication; Real estate and tourism; Ocean, energy, oil and gas

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