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Plastics industry: give a "neutral" rating and focus on recommending 2 shares

high performance materials exhibition will be held in Osaka. The decline in crude oil prices has slowed down and remained slightly volatile. This week, as the Libyan opposition has controlled most parts of the capital Tripoli, raising expectations that the six-month conflict is nearing the end, the crude oil price futures temporarily stopped the sharp decline last week, and the price change narrowed and remained slightly volatile as a whole; Affected by this positive factor, the settlement price of Brent crude oil futures rose 0.77% from last week, with an average price of 109.96 US dollars/barrel; The price of a package of OPEC crude oil rose by 1.13% over last week, with an average price of $106.36/barrel

the spot price of domestic oil fell slightly, and the price of chemical raw materials fell to varying degrees. The prices of upstream chemical raw materials all showed a decline in varying degrees this week, among which the domestic average price of butadiene this week was 28883.33 yuan/ton, Down 1.19% "In the process of cooperative research and development of the new levitate running shoes, it has fallen for two consecutive weeks, with a total decline of 1.33%; the international butadiene market has fallen for four consecutive weeks, with a total decline of 6.03%, and the average price has fallen to $3845.28/ton;

affected by the overall market, the overall price of plastic in China has shown a downward trend. This week, China's plastic price index and plastic spot price index fell by 0.47% compared with last week; affected by the decline of upstream raw material prices and other factors The price of plastic film was stable and decreased. The listing prices of upstream raw materials have been lowered successively this week, the cost support role of film enterprises has been weakened, the price of plastic film products has been stable, and the quotation of some products has declined

engineering plastics continue to maintain a downward trend. This week, the engineering plastics industry continued to maintain the downward trend of last week, and the actions of both the supplier and the demander were more cautious. Some manufacturers lowered their quotations, including ABS and PS, by yuan/ton, to promote the commercial utilization of polyketone (Paek) in the aviation industry; The downstream demand stimulus weakened, and the market maintained a stalemate and wait-and-see atmosphere, which is expected to be dominated by consolidation in the short term

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