The hottest plastic has penetrated into our lives

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Plastic permeates our life at an extraordinary speed

the metal texture of Apple products has always been the feature of its products. It can even be said that it is the experience of metal shell that makes its products become a symbol of fashion. The plastic jacket of the newly released iphone5c doesn't look like a stall made by apple from any angle, but more like another failed attempt by cook, the leader, to go to jobs

however, if we look at this new product launch from the perspective of materials science, we can read more information. In the past 100 years, plastic is replacing other materials at an extraordinary speed and penetrating into our lives. Especially in the recent 20 to 30 years, many items that traditionally have to be made of certain materials have become plastic products, and the most amazing and adopting materials from the same material group is the automotive and construction industry

in the eyes of many people, a typical car should be covered with steel. However, after years of development, the car has basically reduced to an iron shell, and even a pile of so-called composite materials are wrapped in the iron shell. According to industry analysis, at present, the average proportion of plastic weight in cars is close to 10%. The average plastic consumption per car in Europe, America and Japan is more than 100 kg, and about 80 kg in developing countries. As the development trend of replacing steel with plastic is increasingly recognized by the industry, Bayer materials technology, which uses plastic to make core automotive materials, will invest in the research and development of new technology components, which is infinitely close to industrialization, and the all plastic concept vehicle has also appeared in recent years

if the wheel hub, chassis and even engine housing are replaced with plastic, is there really no problem? Facts have proved that from the perspective of industrial investment. Because the progress rate of steel industry and other metal industries is far less than that of plastic industry. 2. The strength of engineering plastics with poor lubrication of moving parts has long been far from steel as the ultimate goal. For example, ultra-high strength polyamide resin is far from steel. Under the same conditions, the density of plastic is much lower than that of steel, which means that replacing steel with plastic can not only reduce the weight of goods, but also improve performance

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