The hottest plastic garbage bags become damp

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Plastic garbage bags become damp

waste plastic garbage bags keep piling up, leading to the blockage of drainage ditches and the investment of 34.6 million yuan in the project of this commissioning, resulting in a flood. Waste plastic garbage bags have become the most serious problem scattered in national, provincial and municipal laboratories in Accra, the capital of Ghana. Turning plastic garbage bags into treasures is the best solution, and businessman Stuart gole sees an opportunity from it

he hired professional tailors to sew these waste plastic garbage bags into handbags, and hired more than 150 workers to collect plastic garbage bags. Now these transformed plastic garbage bags have been welcomed by tourists and local people. They have become trendy goods and are exported to Japan, Germany and Denmark. With the continuous progress of modification technology. Stuart gole turned plastic waste into fashion raw materials, saved the environment and made great contributions to Ghana's economy

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