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Plastic heat exchanger can be applied to sewage source heat pump

Yinghe technology said that

provides intellectual support for accelerating the development of new material industry when accepting institutional research Sewage source heat pump is an efficient environmental protection and energy saving system. The particularity of sewage quality makes the selection of heat exchanger equipment and the corrosion and scaling of water quality on heat exchanger equipment become obstacles to its promotion. According to the problems existing in the existing heat exchanger of sewage source heat pump system in the main menu, combined with the characteristics of plastic heat exchanger, the plastic heat exchanger is proposed to replace the metal heat exchanger. By comparing the plastic heat exchanger with the metal heat exchanger in terms of corrosion, scaling and price, it is easy to realize the small tonnage model, and it is found that it has obvious advantages. The analysis of resistance, strength and heat transfer performance of plastic heat exchanger proves that the application of plastic heat exchanger in sewage source heat pump is feasible

heat pump as an environment-friendly and energy-saving heating and refrigeration device is more and more widely used. As the heat source/heat sink of heat pump system, raw sewage has some advantages that other kinds of heat sources/heat sinks cannot compare:

1) it can be obtained in large quantities. The amount of primary sewage is large, and the annual flow is almost uncertain

2) hot in winter and cool in summer. The sewage temperature is higher than the ambient temperature in winter and lower than the ambient temperature in summer. For example, the long-term measurement data of Beijing Gaobeidian sewage treatment plant shows that the sewage water temperature is 13.5 ~ 16.5 ℃, which is more than 20 ℃ higher than the temperature; In summer, the water temperature of sewage is 22 ~ 25 ℃, which is more than 10 ℃ lower than the temperature

3) contains a lot of heat energy. About 40% of the waste heat generated in the urban area is in the sewage, so the sewage source is the ideal heat source/heat sink of the heat pump. However, the application of sewage in the heat pump system will bring a serious test to the long-term stable operation of the heat exchanger due to its complex water quality

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