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Patent introduction: sweat absorbing soft fabric

application (patent) No.: cn 9

application date: November 24, 2011 application publication number: cna application publication date: April 11, 2012

applicant (patentee): Changshu fujiali Weaving Co., Ltd.

main classification number: b32b27/02 (2006.01) I classification number: b32b27/02 (2 randomly selected 3 joints 006.01 for each batch) I; B32B27/12(2006.01)I; B32b27/30 (formed the new "catalogue of industries encouraging foreign investment" exposure draft 6.01 200 days ago) I

Abstract: the invention discloses a sweat absorbing soft fabric, including: a first fabric layer, an intermediate layer, a second fabric layer, the outer surface of the second fabric layer is covered with an intermediate layer, the outer surface of the intermediate layer is covered with a first fabric layer, the first fabric layer is polyacrylonitrile fiber, and the intermediate layer is polyester silk blend, The second fabric layer is island fiber, and the strength of the polyacrylonitrile fiber is 22.1 ~ 48.5cn/dtex with large radian. The fabric made of the above materials can have good softness, moisture absorption and comfort when wearing clothes

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