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Patent introduction: an environmental friendly high temperature resistant PVC rigid composite cloth

application (patent) No.: cn 9. Application date: August 19, 2011 public (announcement) No.: cna public polishing craftsman spirit (announcement) date: March 21, 2012

applicant (patent right): Shanghai Sanchuan Plastic Co., Ltd.

inventor (designer): Wang Jiaming

main classification number: b32b27/12 (2006.01) I classification number: b32b27/12 (2006.01) I; B32B27/30(2006.01)I; B32B27/18(2006.01)I; B32B37/15(2006.01)I; B32b37/0 proposes the following methods of discrimination and detection: 6 (2006.01) I; B32b37/10 (2006.01) i

Abstract: the invention relates to an environment-friendly high-temperature resistant PVC rigid composite cloth, including upper cloth, middle PVC plastic and lower or indistinguishable cloth. The main components of the middle PVC plastic are: single digit temperature in Fahrenheit, which does not affect PVC resin%, calcium carbonate%, polyethylene glycol 0.% PVC stabilizer 0 5%, DINP% and environmental plasticizer%; The plasticizer added to the middle PVC plastic of the invention uses DINP to replace DOP and un488 to replace DBP, so it is very environmental friendly. Moreover, the labor protection articles made of this PVC rigid composite cloth are not only soft and comfortable to wear, but also have the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength and reliable safety performance; In addition, the invention has the advantages of simple manufacture and low cost, and can also be put on the market as a textile fabric, which has a broad application prospect

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