Introduction to the instrument system engineering

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Introduction to the instrument system project of a thermoelectric energy company in Shanghai

project background

--- in order to promote the process of harmless, reduction and recycling of domestic waste, and improve the urban ecological environment, a waste incineration plant in Shanghai, which uses domestic waste for power generation, has been built. It is the largest waste incineration plant in China at present, with a daily treatment of 1000 tons of domestic waste. The total construction area of the project is 22197 square meters, with an investment of 670 million yuan, Adopting international advanced incineration process and gas purification technology, which can effectively control the generation of dioxin gas and other harmful gases, it was put into trial operation in December, 2001. Line 1 and Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. have been successful. After all the three living lines are put into operation, the waste heat can generate 100million kwh of power every year

1 is the development of economic transformation ---- Siemens contracted the instrument engineering in the project, and the instrument was successfully put into operation once, and the repair rate was zero. Its instrument features are:

there are many fully imported instruments - the instruments selected for import or produced by joint ventures account for 85% of all supply contracts. DSM's 24500 employees around the world have created an annual sales of about 10billion euros for the company

there are many kinds of instruments - only the instruments that detect flow include metal flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter The progressiveness of detection means such as Vespa flowmeter and flow switch - using patented technology instruments - Vespa flowmeter, using patented technology valves - German AMG on-off valve

non Siemens instruments - starting from customer requirements and the particularity of instruments, all instruments in this project contract adopt non company products

first-class services - all non Siemens instruments in the contract provide the same services, Including on-site instrument installation, debugging, improving blow molding machine to high-end level, guiding service

know how knowledge - for all kinds of non Siemens instrument products, technicians also have very rich know-how knowledge

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