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Patent introduction: memory yarn dyed fabric

application (patent) No.: cn 4. Application date: 2009.09.14

publication (announcement) No.: cna publication (announcement) date: 2010.05.05

applicant (patentee): Haitai textile (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

main classification number: d03d15/00 (2006.01) I classification number: d03d15/00 (2006.01) I

Abstract: the invention relates to a new functional material of high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and corrosion-resistant copper alloy developed by Guoliang copper material, a memory colored fabric and its manufacturing method. Therefore, the memory colored fabric is a plain weave structure, It is woven from 100% dyed memory yarn, in which the warp adopts 65D ~ 85D memory yarn, and the weft adopts 65D ~ 85D memory yarn, which is the abbreviation of the international organization for material giant kostron. On the 12th, two new high-tech production lines, standard, were put into production in Shanghai production base. Compared with the yarn dyed fabric of the prior art, the memory yarn dyed fabric of the invention adopts yarn dyed memory yarn in both warp and weft. On the one hand, it does not need dyeing and finishing in the later stage, and it can get a colorful effect only after washing. The yarn dyed fabric has full memory function, is easy to recover under the action of external force, and has very good elasticity and toughness, which is suitable for making women's clothing, casual clothing, children's clothing, etc; On the other hand, the weaving process is very difficult, and the requirements for the process are high. The control of parameters and tensile strength in the process is very important. The inventor has found through many tests that the manufacturing process of the invention is relatively stable, and can obtain memory dyed fabrics with excellent quality

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