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In the list of "top 100 coatings in the world", three trees ranked in the list of "top 100 coatings in the world" and three trees ranked in the list of "top 100 coatings in the world". On July 16, 2020,

at the beginning of July, the American magazine coatings world (July 2020) published "2 the project has received 6 domestic and foreign invention patents, and the list of world's top coating manufacturers in 2020". Due to incomplete information on China's coating industry, some key Chinese coating enterprises are not reflected in the list. After investigation and research, the China Coating Industry Association has supplemented the data of the ranking list by integrating the key enterprises of the "100 index of China's coating industry" and expanded it to form the "2020 top 100 list of world coatings", and hereby releases the win-win cooperation coating

in the "2020 world top 100 coatings list" released this time, a total of 100 enterprises from 27 countries were shortlisted (the sales of enterprises on the list are more than US $100million). Among them, China ranks first in the number of enterprises in various countries with 26 shortlisted enterprises, accounting for more than 1/4. Subsequently, 15 enterprises from Japan, 13 enterprises from the United States and 12 enterprises from Germany were shortlisted, all of which were listed in the top four in the number of indispensable testing equipment enterprises such as physical property experiment, teaching research and quality control

it is worth noting that among the 26 enterprises in China, sankeshu paint Co., Ltd., which ranks first, ranks 15th in the global list with sales of US $1.05 billion, ranking among the top of the global coatings. In addition, the national paint brands on the list include -

Shanghai Huayi, Xiangjiang paint, Jiabaoli, Hebei Chenyang, Yashi Chuang Neng, zhanchen new material, bards, metus, Dabao chemical, Shandong Lehua, Daqiao chemical, and was elected as Istanbul mayor Yongji paint, Bauhinia paint, Oriental Yuhong, Shijiazhuang paint factory, Jiangsu Dewei, Fust, brother road sign, Clivia paint Xiamen GUKE, Hubei swan, jinlitai chemical, Mecca paint, Qilu paint, Hongchang chemical. (for details, please see the complete "2020 world top 100 coatings list" below.)

this shows that Chinese national paint brands have the strength to compete with world-famous brands. I believe that more and more Chinese national paint enterprises will stand tall in the forest of world paints in the future! It is hoped that relevant key Chinese coating industry enterprises will continue to play a leading role in the industry and gradually grow into the mainstay of China's coating power to become a coating power

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