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With the introduction of digital technology and direct plate making technology in the prepress process, electronic plate assembly has increasingly become the focus of attention

the patchwork software continues to improve - Adobe's removable file format (PDF) has had a huge impact on both the integrated version software package and other version software

at the same time, prepress managers are looking for an integrated edition software that can adopt the full digital prepress environment for direct plate making

the improvement of digital composition software, large format phototypesetting system and direct production instrument is recommended to use the plate at an ambient temperature below 25 ℃, which plays an important role in the electronic composition of the plate in the digital process

the driving forces behind the emergence of the new version software include a series of technological advances, from the overprint control of the built-in rip, to the use of PDF format and Adobe's postscript 3 language, to the fully automated CIP3 process

to be more specific, what has played a catalytic role in the progress of the composition software also includes the following aspects:

* the use of the client server scheme requires a composition software with built-in RIPLA overprint control function and a more centralized prepress workflow

* in order to meet the requirements of improving the automation of subsequent processes, the edition software needs to cooperate with the subsequent processes, such as color management, the setting of ink value in CIP3 process, and the automation of folding, paper cutting and binding in the post press stage. As the sales manager of imation company said, the goal of the composition process is to simplify the whole printing process, not just the prepress process. The goal of the composition software is to transfer information in the whole digital workflow, so as to improve the automation of printing and post printing stages

* the composition software needs to meet the needs of customers. It is required to have a more flexible output mode and control it according to the different requirements of digital printing machine, on-demand printing, Phototypesetter and digital proofing

*pdf format is an excellent and stable file format for version composition, which promotes the addition of overprint control function and the production of PDF specification. In addition, rip technology of Adobe postsript3 language is adopted to ensure the quality and stability of the system

advantages of PDF format

imation press wise 3.0 software enables users to add pages in PDF format in the process of edition composition. This software running on the Mac operating system can reduce printing errors with the advantages of PDF format. The advantages of PDF format include page independence, file size, and consistent preview output

output effect

according to the sales manager of imation company, as PDF has become the standard format for transmitting documents in the printing process, printers hope to add PDF format support to their workflow. Imation's presslist 3.0 application software not only maintains the simplicity of presslist software, but also adds support for PDF format and postsript3 language

similarly, DK A's inposition software also supports PDF format

they pointed out that PDF format is obviously the development direction in the future, and it must be supported to meet customers. Inposition software has been able to support a large number of file formats in the composition work. This software is the only mosaic software that can support QuarkXPress files, PageMaker files, EPS, tiff and postscript files among more than 30 software running on Macintosh or Windows systems. With the support of PDF format, software users can actually use any format of documents for typesetting

scenicsoft also supports PDF format in software to enhance software functions. Preps3.5 software can provide comprehensive support for PDF format files, so that software users can benefit from the full digital workflow using PDF format files as source files

preps software also supports mixed format files in postscript and PDF formats to adapt to the workflow in a more complex environment where there are usually multiple file formats. In addition, quarkxpress4.0, 4 Version 2 has been launched and will eventually be widely used. Scenicsoft has added the function of supporting the file format of the latest version of these commonly used software to its preps3.5 software

as a founding member of CIP3 alliance, the latest patchwork software of ultimate technology is server suite. This product, which runs on MAC and windows nt, includes ultimate flow OPI, trapeze and impostrip, and provides a way to integrate various mixed software and hardware environments without considering compatibility

ultimate also introduced impress2.5 software to the four page Phototypesetter and direct plate making machine markets. Impress has all the functions of impostrip, but it is an independent software with a simplified and friendly interface. Impress supports automated hot folder post press workflow with 150 application filters including PDF format

the all digital commercial CTP workflow in the future is just a set of very simple steps, which can combine various independent prepress tasks, simplify the operation interface and automate the whole process

integrated version making software

according to the fully automatic prepress software development companies that support integrated version making software, including Agfa, Bayer, barcd graphic, Heidelberg pre press, Scitex, screen and other companies, they will continue to provide version making software in the integrated workflow software package

a new software in the prepress solution is panther pageimposer, which can add a single page to the file that has been rip, and solves some problems in the typesetting process based on postscript

panther page imposer software stores the layout structure in the working document and separates it from the content of the publication page. Each individual page is monitored during rip. When all the constituent pages of a printing plate are ready, the software automatically outputs all the pages on the printing plate

when all the layouts are ready, Panther page imposer integrates the page files of each edition fast enough to keep up with the output speed of panther pro/62 imagesetter or Panther Fas Trak direct plate making machine. Even if rip files need to be inverted in the layout, the smooth output will not be affected

Another new software in the prepress solution is panther page trapper, which adds Adobe overprint control engine to Panther rip based on Adobe postscript 3 language. This enables the prepress workshop to complete overprint control and rip processing in one step when using Panther imagesetter and direct plate making machine. This function of pagetrap can be realized through rip user interface or quarekxtension or adobe PageMaker addition

other products

the following is other commercially available software for digital CTP workflow

*barco's graphics, auto impress is an automatic version assembly workflow combined with hot folder technology, which provides embedded links with other processes. Fully support auto impress in PDF format! The software periodically checks whether the page is ready

* due to the introduction of DK a company's inposition2.5 software, it is easier to make up. With this software, you can make up, preview, proofing, color separation and printing. Postscript, QuarkXPress and PageMaker files can be combined in the software at the same time. In the Macintosh and windows component cross-section gradually weakening environment, it can import abdoe dcs3.0 comploadt psotscript files

*heidelberg pre press is assembled in singnastation software, which can accept various pages generated by MAC, DOS, windows and UNIX workstations, and then integrate them into one post. Output on postscript imagesetter. The manuscript can be assembled into either a traditional structure or a digital file. The following information of singnas. With your detailed attention, station software can display postscript files in the form of a real WYSIWYG preview

*krause American's impression manager can be used for all postscript rip, Imagesetter, and direct plate making machines, and it is platform independent

*scitex's BRISQUE impulse software is a combined part of Scitex's BRISQUE digital front-end system. It has the independence of pages and page elements, and can rip multiple outputs at one time, so that users can also introduce printing parameters after the prepress process is completed

*screen's taigaspace software can realize automatic version composition, automatic overprint control, rip and queue management waiting functions in the server. Taigaspace allows users to modify errors without using the original software

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