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Patent introduction: high elastic polypropylene fiber

Application (patent) No.: cn 0 application date: January 1, 2009

publication (announcement) No.: CN publication (announcement) date: June 17, 2009

main classification No.: d01f6/46 (2006.01) I

classification No.: d01f6/46 (2006.01) I China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Gaozhiqiang, vice chairman and general manager of aerospace Haiying (Zhenjiang) special materials Co., Ltd., said that the applicant (patent right) is Zhejiang Sitong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

address: 3111 formaldehyde ≤ 10g/kg00

No. 835, Linping Avenue, Yuhang Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Ming (designer): Tang Liang

Abstract: the invention relates to a kind of high elastic polypropylene fiber with high elastic performance at a certain height, high elastic polypropylene fiber, Add 3 ~ 6% polyethylene to 97 ~ 94% polypropylene resin for CO melt spinning. Advantages: through the modification of polypropylene fiber, the modified polypropylene fiber has nylon like flexibility, tensile strength and elasticity

sovereignty item: a kind of high elastic polypropylene fiber, which is characterized by the co melt spinning of 3 ~ 6% polyethylene and 97 ~ 94% polypropylene resin

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