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Patent introduction: three layer composite spunlaced nonwovens

application (patent) No.: cn 6. Application date: 2007.07.25

publication (announcement) No.: CN publication (announcement) date: 2008.05.28

main classification No.: d04h5/02 (2006.01) category classification:

classification No.: d04h5/02 (2006.01); D04h5/08 (2006.01)

applicant (patentee): Dalian Ruiguang nonwovens Group Co., Ltd.

Abstract: the utility model can be divided into two kinds: one is a three-layer composite spunlaced nonwovens connected with civil engineering, which is processed by Spunlaced method, including the upper layer (1), which is characterized in that: there is a middle interlayer (2) below the upper layer (1) and a lower layer (3) below the middle interlayer (2). The strength of blonde hair will be based on this trend, high cost, good water and oil absorption performance

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