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Introduction to the installation and protection test of tensile testing machine

most users have a preliminary awareness of the performance, technical specifications, characteristics and other parameters of some basic tensile testing machines, but I believe most people do not understand the content of the installation and protection performance test of tensile testing machines. Our company will explain to you about the safety protection performance test of tensile testing machine, which is mainly divided into three cases

generally: shutdown test at upper and lower limit positions, sample breaking shutdown test, overload automatic shutdown test

1. Stop test at upper and lower limit positions. It mainly refers to the use of the up or down button, and the automatic shutdown of the moving plate when it reaches the upper and lower limit positions. There are many main problems in this process. For example, it should be carried out at a low speed. Insert the hand handle into the hole on the lower right side of the machine, rotate the transmission mechanism, make the moving beam separate from the limit switch, turn on the power, and remove the hand handle before starting the machine. In the process of making it widely used, soybean oil and soybean filler are expected to replace automotive rubber when used together, and the use of China's petroleum based content is as high as 26%

2. Sample breaking shutdown test. It refers to pressing the speed selection key, selecting any gear, clamping test and tensile test; After the sample is broken, it will stop automatically. This function must meet the requirements that the "remaining" of the actual test sample is more than 1% of the maximum nominal force of the gear selected by Wang Yanli

3. Overload automatic shutdown test. It specially refers to the test of samples that exceed the maximum test force. When the test force exceeds the maximum test force by 2~10%, the machine will automatically stop When the test force exceeds the set maximum force by 2~10%, it will stop automatically according to the current situation

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