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Introduction to quality management training

the company has welcomed a number of new recruits, just graduated college and technical secondary school graduates. They have brought new theoretical knowledge, they are energetic and energetic, and the company places hope on them. However, they have no actual work experience and do not know where to start in the face of a new job. Therefore, how to make these novices work in a timely and accurate manner, adapt to the work as soon as possible, become interested in the work and make achievements as soon as possible, the timely and effective pre job training is the key

it is generally believed that training is the business of the personnel department, and other functional departments only need to do the corresponding receiving work, which is not true. The author believes that the personnel department can choose the right new people and make them interested in the company, but it is the most effective to make the new people interested in the position and make achievements in the position, and timely carry out targeted Department pre job training. The author sorts out the contents of the recent pre job training for newcomers who join the quality department, and exchanges with you here

first, company and job introduction

people are interested in things. On the one hand, people have a deep understanding of things, on the other hand, they also need to have correct guidance. In order to let the newcomers know the company in time and as soon as possible, and guide them to be interested in the company they will join and the work they will be engaged in, we introduced the basic information of the company and the corresponding departments and positions to the newcomers

the contents introduced include the company's scale, industry, product nature and use, the company's overall strength, advantages, development process and major events in the development process, and explain to them the company's future development direction, short-term and long-term goals (the contents of which may have been introduced by the company's senior management during recruitment or factory training, and here they can focus on the contents they are interested in)

can't you introduce the company's organizational structure and show the organization chart of the company. Our company is an industrial company and a production-oriented enterprise. We set up departments according to the needs of the process. At present, the departments are reasonably set up and have complete functions

introduce the department settings of the company, so that they can understand the functions of each department. The functions of some departments are clear from the name, such as the production department manufactures products, the purchasing department purchases raw and auxiliary materials required for production, and the sales department is responsible for selling the company's products, but the impression of the quality department is relatively abstract

II. Quality department and quality management functions

1. The origin of quality department

it is not difficult to understand the strangeness of quality department. Quality management is a new comprehensive discipline. As a scientific management method, it began at the beginning of the 20th century. The in-depth research and extensive attention to quality has also been in the past 40 or 50 years. Quality research started very late in China. So far, there are few reports on the establishment of special quality courses and quality management majors below undergraduate level in domestic colleges and universities (postgraduate majors are only slightly involved in the research direction). Quality science is a science that integrates theory with practice. There are few special quality departments in factories established in early China, but there are departments with similar functions. For example, there are production technology departments, inspection departments or laboratories in factories, which shoulder the function of quality monitoring. It can be seen that the concept of quality (inspection) has long existed, but it has not risen to today's attention. We can think that early quality only refers to analysis and inspection, which is a narrow concept of quality

From the late 1980s to the early 1990s, with the surging tide of China's reform and opening up, a large number of joint ventures, foreign-funded enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises quickly poured in, which brought not only capital and technology, but also modern enterprise management concepts. There are two departments in this batch of new enterprises that are rare in Chinese factories, one is the production management department, and the other is the quality management department (different enterprises may have different names, but the basic functions are the same). In contrast, the production management department is similar to the control room in the factory, which is responsible for the planning and coordination of production tasks. This department has a single function and is not valued by the Chinese people. Only the quality management department because of its inherent irreplaceable inspection function, In addition, it is endowed with broader and stronger functions, which is favored by Chinese people. As you can see, almost all enterprises established according to the modern enterprise management concept have set up their own special quality management departments, which is enough to illustrate the importance of the quality department. Quality here is a concept of mass. We are lucky to be engaged in this profession. I believe you will be able to create your own world

2. The concept of quality and quality management

as mentioned earlier, quality refers to the quality of the company's products in a narrow sense, and the quality grade is displayed by analyzing and inspecting the technical indicators of products; In a broad sense, quality not only includes analysis and inspection, but also includes the preliminary design and planning of quality, as well as the implementation, control and improvement of the company's quality plan

the quality level of the product is measured by the inherent technical indicators of the product, and the technical indicators are achieved by various detection means. We test the technical indicators of products every day and judge whether the products meet the standards, which is the basic part of quality work. There are good and bad product quality, there is no difference between high and low; It is set that for a period of time, the statistical product quality level can be described as continuous improvement. The quality management level refers to the skills and methods for quality management activities with good suitability, high scientificity and effectiveness

the quality department is responsible for the quality management of the company. Quality management is the sum of all management activities carried out around quality, such as planning, organization, command, control and coordination. It is an important part of enterprise management. It can be seen from this that simple analysis and inspection cannot fully represent quality management. The nature of quality management determines that the tentacles of quality management extend to every corner of the company. It can be said that the scope of power comes first to manage the general manager and down to every employee of the company. Effective quality work is another channel for the top decision-making level of the company to contact all departments. Through the invisible hand of quality, the intention of leaders is instilled into every process

3. The function of the quality department

the quality department of our company has established the work function under the concept of large quality. The quality management work includes analysis and inspection and total quality management

as mentioned above, the quality of products is measured by the technical indicators obtained from the analysis and detection of products. The quality department is responsible for analyzing and testing the materials transferred in all links of the company, judging them according to the relevant established technical indicators, and making the final decision; (the materials referred to here include raw and auxiliary materials purchased into the factory, semi-finished products produced, finished products and defective products returned from the market, etc.), at the same time, it is responsible for issuing product certificates, issuing product test reports, and recording, analyzing, summarizing and reporting the test results

quality management is a long-term work, which is accumulated bit by bit in daily work. Customer satisfaction is the most effective evaluation of quality management China Zhongwang's layout work in this field. The quality department should closely focus on the standardization work of the company, that is, the standardization of operation process, product standardization and scientific management. Through the supervision and inspection of the process, the quality department should report the illegal operation phenomenon and existing problems, formulate improvement and preventive measures, and gradually straighten out and standardize the work of the company. Finally, ensure the stability and continuous improvement of the company's product quality

some people say: quality - 90% is consciousness and 10% is method, which fully explains the view that people's consciousness should be improved before quality. The author has been engaged in quality work for more than ten years, which is also quite similar. Successful enterprises regard the understanding of quality as the core content of corporate culture, which also confirms this truth. This is also the reason why the author wrote this article and did not mention professional quality management theory and a large number of quality management methods in the article (the author does not mean that quality management theory and methods are not important). Therefore, the most important function of the quality department is to promote the establishment of the company's quality ideology. Quality work should strive for the support of the top leadership, give full play to the role of leadership, and continuously cultivate and establish the quality consciousness of all employees through various quality activities, so as to realize the participation of all employees in quality work

III. how quality workers carry out work

where to start quality work and how to carry out it most effectively. There is no established mode in the industry when the machine is idle. We believe that quality workers can follow the four steps of "teaching", "learning", "walking" and "creating" to gradually carry out work and achieve results

1, "teaching"

"teaching" is teaching. Entering the factory is mostly the teaching method of teachers with apprentices. Teachers tell them the current quality management process methods. Here we can learn from Panasonic's "five steps to teach people", that is, the guidance of new people can follow the following five steps for training. First, tell him what to do. Second, show him what to do. Third, let him try. That is, let him practice. Fourth, praise him, that is, evaluate his excellent work. Fifth, look back, that is, regularly supervise the application and development of his skills. Following this reasonable and orderly method can achieve the expected results

2, "learning"

"learning" is learning. When engaging in quality management, we should always face complex problems and emergencies, which requires quality personnel to constantly learn newer and more comprehensive knowledge. Therefore, we should actively carry out learning, learn in practice and books, from shallow to deep, from the outside to the inside, adhere to the combination of theory and practice, and quickly and effectively improve our professional level through learning

quality science has been developing, and learning should follow certain principles. In the actual work, the learning of detection methods, operation skills and quality control process is to pay attention to the learning of production process and professional technical knowledge. Emphasize the learning method of integrating theory with practice, study professional theories in various quality theory works in time, and enrich professional theoretical knowledge. For the theoretical knowledge of the system, please refer to the "quality engineering manual" and the quality professional examination textbook "basic knowledge and practice of quality specialty (primary)", "comprehensive knowledge of quality specialty (intermediate)", "theory and practice of quality specialty (intermediate)" and other books; What should we do in this situation? First, confirm whether the material at this position can be treated with rust prevention. Pay attention to the latest achievements of quality management theory, such as "6 б Theory "," zero defect theory "," process reengineering "," excellent performance model ", etc., these theories have very good practical guiding value; next, we should make full use of today's developed information resources, browse professional stations such as China Quality (), read China quality report and quality Magazines and other newspapers and periodicals timely understand and learn the latest quality management knowledge. Quality workers should also be widely involved in production management, operation management and other management theory and practical knowledge, and constantly enrich and improve themselves

3, "go"

"go" means quality control and quality management

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