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Prospects for the future of active packaging (1)

product protection. Active packaging is a product of the innovative development of carbon, which has the function of absorbing sound waves and various small vibrations. As a product that meets the needs and aspirations of customers and the market supply and marketing trend, it is occupying the European market. It controls and affects the internal environment of packaging, can prolong the storage life of products and improve the quality of products

in many markets in the world, there is a kind of transparent plastic packaging that can clearly identify fresh and natural food, which involves the problem of product protection. Due to the influence of light, it will increase the risk of oxidation of oxygen sensitive food. More sensitive ingredients, such as naturally colored substances, are exposed to light induction for a long time, especially oxygen molecules activated by light can oxidize oils. Food that is easy to deteriorate needs reliable long-term protection - especially under the influence of oxygen and light. In order to avoid the decline of quality, the decline of taste and fragrance, and the reduction of food nutrition, the effective solutions often used in the past are:

· shielding plastic and multi-layer composite materials are used to improve the statistical air tightness of plastic packaging for mechanical performance data

· apply inert gas or vacuum packaging to further improve the shielding characteristics of packaging materials

· the development of effective spectral filtering, specific products that can filter out a certain wavelength of light, and shielding ultraviolet light is the focus of current development, but in the visible light region, it is just beginning, like dyeing with natural color substances (chlorophyll) that have a decisive role in measuring the accuracy of tension

the reason why oxygen reduces packaging is that generally speaking, the food quality needs to be improved and the storage period is not enough. Therefore, the residual oxygen concentration reaches 0.5% - 2%, which is even lower than 0.5%, which is difficult to achieve, especially if oxygen is dissolved in packaging materials or wrapped in the core. This will help the active packaging

the impact of oxygen on food and the decline of food quality are mostly due to:

1. Oxygen provides a large number of elements of organic life

2. chemical reaction with oxygen in the air (discoloration, lipid oxidation, reduced flavor)

3. Oxygen helps microorganisms grow (fragrance reduces colony formation and toxicity)

what is active packaging

active packaging has been developed for more than 30 years, especially in Japan, Australia and the United States, which have been used in the market for at least 10 years. This kind of package or part of this kind of package - automatically acts on the upper space of the package or directly acts on the products to improve the storage life or quality of the products

over the years, many working principles have been developed. The most important aspects are:

· make the residual oxygen, water droplets, carbon dioxide, ethylene and bad taste fixed and non-volatile

· filling with preservatives, C02, aromatics and other substances

· absorb a certain length of light wave that is destructive to the product

to be exact, due to economic constraints, most of the reasons for technical failure are in packaging. Therefore, only in the most innovative market, (a Japanese company) so far, only a few have begun to recognize this kind of active packaging. Economically, the most important is:

· absorb water and steam in the form of desiccant (a commonly used method in the world)

absorb oxygen from damaged items (especially in Japan, Australia and the United States). From the beginning to now, many countries, almost only out of scientific interest, especially in Europe, in addition to the main economic reasons, there are still other reasons to prevent the widespread use of active packaging:

· in the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations of food and consumers, especially the provisions to improve the safety and reliability of cable products, "packaging releases substances, which directly conflict with processing

· consumers' doubts about the added substances in the package

but now a change has taken place, especially through the regulations formulated by a flexible European Association, which has now triggered a lot of research in this regard

the technical role of oxygen recovery agents

the next chapter will enable people to get more understanding about the technical and effective role of active packaging. Taking the economically important oxygen absorbent as an example, in the past, the method of oxygen absorption packaging was to add other functional components to the packaging with small bags, tablets or strips of paper containing active substances, Later, the method developed was to directly add active substances into packaging materials. The earliest products have appeared in the European market, that is, to make films and bottles containing oxygen absorbers

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