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Future development needs of advanced beverage packaging

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core tips: the label of "Lyric bottle" printed with two-dimensional code, the label of mineral water with "" and the label of farmer's spring with natural innovation. In addition to beauty, the current beverage packaging should be creative

[China Packaging News] with the lyrics bottle label printed with two-dimensional code, some mineral water labels, and the natural and innovative farmer spring label, the current beverage packaging needs to be creative in addition to beauty

according to the 2014 report on the sustainable development of China's beverage industry released by the China Beverage Industry Association, the total output of the national beverage industry in 2014 was 167 million tons, an increase of 11% over the previous year. The beverage industry has become a development hotspot and new growth point of China's consumer industry. In the high-end beverage packaging market, how to use label design to reflect product grade and achieve shelf effect has become the focus of beverage packaging enterprises

label of lyrics bottle printed with QR code

creative Coca Cola lyrics bottle is all the rage in China. At the initial stage of the launch of the lyrics bottle, Coca Cola company used advanced digital printing technology to ensure that different lyrics were printed on the label of each bottle in a box of Coca Cola in order to let consumers fully understand and experience the charm of various lyrics bottles. You are the most important decision for me. The sun always doesn't experience rain after rain. How can I see color? According to the standard of "rubber stopper and gasket puncture force measurement for injection, physical method, chemical method or organic combination of different methods through mechanical equipment", we all need courage to design and manufacture a rainbow. I am willing to wait for the lyrics of dozens of popular songs to be printed on the bottle of Coca Cola for you. In order to give the lyrics bottle real singing function and fun to share, Coca Cola bottle label is also printed with a two-dimensional code. As long as consumers scan the QR code on the label to enter the page, they can see the flash animation created according to the lyrics, and can also click to listen to the original music and forward it to the circle of friends

some mineral water labels

print newspapers directly on the packaging of mineral water bottles. This label is inspired by Japan's daily news agency. The agency's survey found that with the gradual marginalization of the paper media and the use of new materials, fewer and fewer young people buy newspapers every day. So they decided to print "Daily" on the mineral water bottle, so that young people have more channels to read newspapers. In the sales process, the price of this bottle of mineral water has also been reduced by half. In a month, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. On average, every retail supermarket has sold 3000 bottles of such mineral water. This kind of label made of newspaper not only does not reduce the style of packaging design, but also improves the recognition of mineral water on the shelf. Using the interactive code information attached to the scanning bottle, customers can also view more and more detailed information in real time. This innovative way highlights the value of products and realizes the seamless integration of virtual information and real environment

natural and innovative farmer spring label

recently, the 17th International Food and beverage outstanding creativity award was held in London, England. The packaging design of the only Chinese work farmer spring glass bottle natural mineral water that was shortlisted for the finals won the Fab best work award and the gold Award for packaging design of non-alcoholic beverages. This is the only work in the packaging design category that has won these two awards at the same time, and it is also the first time that Chinese products have won this award

the shape design of this glass bottle of Nongfu mountain spring is lower, giving people a stable and reliable feeling. Its label takes Changbai Mountain animals and plants as the background pattern, highlighting the quality pursuit of Nongfu mountain spring for natural water. The whole bottle shape is like falling water drops, which well conveys the characteristics of the product and is innovative and enlightening. The label of Nongfu mountain spring bottled water subverts the image of the traditional water label. The design is simple and clear, full of strong visual impact. By restoring the image of animals and plants in the water source, it expounds the cultural heritage close to nature, deepens consumers' understanding of water source and trust in water quality, and highlights the humanistic spirit and confident temperament characteristics of the brand

in the emerging beverage packaging market with great development space, the application scope of labels will continue to expand. Beverage packaging enterprises participate in the label design process of brands, and use the lowest cost to help brands achieve the high-end effect of labels, so as to better realize their own value

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