Future demand forecast of epoxy resin in Japan

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Future demand forecast of epoxy resin in Japan

epoxy resin is a very important raw material in the printed circuit board and construction industry, which is significantly lighter than other foam materials. Its supply and demand changes have a great impact on the downstream application industry. Japan exports more than 40000 metric tons of epoxy resin every year, while Taiwan's high-performance epoxy resin, such as epoxy resin for packaging, is mostly imported from Japan. Therefore, the supply and demand of epoxy resin in Japan has a certain impact on China

according to the epoxy resin demand forecast from Japan epoxy resin industry association to 2005, although Japan's epoxy resin demand (domestic demand plus export) set a new record in 2000, it is estimated that the demand for epoxy resin in 2001 will stagnate, and the growth rate after 2002 is only about%. It is estimated that the demand for epoxy resin in Japan will exceed 200000 metric tons only in 2003

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in terms of application industry, the largest demand market for epoxy resin is still in the electrical field, followed by coatings, which is also the main growth part. In terms of electrical applications, the main ones are printed circuit boards, mold casting, mold sealing materials, insulation powder, etc. it is expected that the demand will show a slight growth trend after 2001. In 2000, the demand for epoxy resin in printed circuit boards in Japan increased significantly. It is estimated that multilayer boards will continue to maintain a good condition due to the demand for high-capacity communication transmission in 2001, while the production of paper substrates will decrease due to the reduction in demand. On the whole, the demand for epoxy resin in printed circuit boards will still show a slight increase, and the demand for multilayer boards may increase slightly after 2002

in terms of molding, the demand for epoxy resin in Japan in 2000 decreased compared with the previous year. It is estimated that 20 contacts: Wang Qiaoting. In 2001 and 2002, the investment in heavy power equipment decreased, and more weak current related equipment was moved overseas. Therefore, it is estimated that the demand for epoxy resin in this regard also showed a decreasing trend

as for the application of epoxy resin in mold sealing materials, it increased significantly in 2000 due to the good prosperity of semiconductors, but there was a decreasing trend after the fourth quarter. In 2001, it is estimated that the mold sealing material will grow steadily in LED, but the EMC used in IC will decrease, and on the whole, it only shows a slight decrease trend

based on the above, epoxy resin in electrical related applications will show a growth trend in printed circuit board projects in the future, but there will be a decrease in the application of powder insulation, and the overall trend is still showing a slight increase, which is the largest application field of epoxy resin

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