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Fuyang forced the transformation of paper-making enterprises with environmental protection, and achieved remarkable results

Guide: Fuyang forced the transformation and upgrading of industries with environmental protection, formulated different remediation standards for different industries such as papermaking and small smelting, and jointly reorganized advantageous industries while eliminating and shutting down backward production capacity. While inheriting the transformation and upgrading, Fuyang continuously improved the environmental quality of the whole region, continuously improved the quality of life of residents, and achieved remarkable results in transformation and upgrading

in today's limited environmental capacity, how to have quality, effective and sustainable development has become an urgent problem to be studied and solved in Fuyang. Therefore, deepening the adjustment of industrial structure and accelerating the transformation of economic development mode have become the focus of the region's continuous exploration and promotion

Fuyang forced the industrial transformation and upgrading with environmental protection, formulated different remediation standards for different industries such as papermaking and small smelting, and jointly reorganized advantageous industries while eliminating and shutting down backward production capacity, so as to continuously improve the environmental quality of the whole region, improve the quality of residents' lives, and achieve remarkable results in transformation and upgrading

restricted by resources, technical conditions, etc., the product structure of Fuyang paper industry is dominated by medium and low-grade products, which limits the profit space of enterprises, technological equipment innovation and environmental pollution prevention. How can traditional industries glow with new brilliance

establish a paper-making aircraft carrier

build a large group integrating pollution control and heat supply in paper making

in order to build the paper-making industry in Fuyang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province into a national important paper-making and paper products production base, a circular economy demonstration base, and a demonstration area for the transformation and upgrading of modern industrial clusters in Zhejiang Province, Fuyang recently issued the implementation opinions on the establishment of large groups of paper-making enterprises (for Trial Implementation)

clearly put forward the supporting policies to promote the merger and reorganization and joint reorganization of Fuyang paper enterprises, including arranging a certain amount of funds to support the turnover of bank loans during the formation of large groups, and giving subsidies to the newly acquired land after the completion of the formation of large groups and passing the acceptance. This is a major decision made by Fuyang district to eliminate backward production capacity, renovate key regional industries, and implement transformation and upgrading, It is also an epitome of Fuyang's transformation and upgrading

accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the paper industry is a livelihood project for Fuyang district Party committee and government to develop economy and control pollution. In the six rounds of the elimination and shutdown of paper-making enterprises implemented from 2006 to 2013, the region has eliminated and shut down more than 400 low, small and bulk paper-making production lines, involving more than 300 enterprises, so that the paper-making capacity can be controlled, the emission of pollutants can be effectively reduced, and the pressure on the water environment of the Fuchun River passing through the city can also be alleviated

especially in the past two years, Fuyang has adhered to scientific development. According to the general idea of the transformation and upgrading of the paper industry, which is to shut down and eliminate a batch, renovate and enter the park a batch, standardize and improve a batch, and increase the large to suppress the small, and support the survival of the fittest, in addition to the first five rounds of paper-making enterprises that have been shut down, a total of 107 paper-making enterprises have been shut down in the past two years, 113 have been standardized, 17 have been integrated into the park, and the entry rate of paper-making enterprises has reached more than 87%

the total amount of major pollutants in papermaking wastewater has been effectively controlled, with wastewater discharge reduced by 41.9% and COD discharge reduced by 48.3%. In combination with the special discharge limit requirements of the Qiantang River Basin, Fuyang renovated the paper-making enterprises according to the requirements that the discharge of waste water per ton of paper should be controlled within 10 tons, so as to ensure that the upgrading and reconstruction of the treatment facilities of the paper industry are truly implemented

Fuyang has overcome many difficulties in the transformation and upgrading of the paper industry. According to Lu Xinglong, deputy director of Fuyang District Environmental Protection Bureau, they have steadily promoted the transformation and upgrading of the paper industry by taking measures such as environmental protection coercion, limiting the survival of the fittest, capacity replacement, voluntary trading, proper placement of workers, and incentives for withdrawal within a time limit

After the shutdown and elimination, some paper-making enterprises began to transform to other industries. The predecessor of Gaofeng chemical fiber PET plastic Co., Ltd. was a paper-making enterprise. Because it met the transformation requirements of capacity replacement enterprises, the approval procedures for the new plant were quickly completed

the annual production capacity will reach 35000 tons and the output value will reach 200million yuan to 300million yuan. Liu Jun, chairman of the company, told. More importantly, the production equipment is high in science and technology. The production process is not controlled by controlling the carbonization process conditions and adding crystallization guiding agent in the process of carbonization of light calcium carbonate. It can also use the waste plastics of nearby paper mills, which belongs to the resource regeneration industry

at the end of January this year, Yongtai group and Zhengda Group decided to complement each other's advantages and develop together. They jointly established Yongzheng group, a large papermaking aircraft carrier in Zhejiang Province, which will build a large group integrating papermaking, pollution control and heat supply. On this basis, it will merge and acquire other paper-making enterprises, make large-scale, excellent products and famous brands, and build the enterprise into a modern large-scale paper-making enterprise group with sustainable development ability. This is the next transformation and upgrading direction of Fuyang paper industry. Li Baishan, director of Fuyang District Environmental Protection Bureau, said

Fuyang is the South Gate of Hangzhou. The environmental pollution of key areas and industries affects the overall environmental quality of Hangzhou, and the industry that makes great economic contributions. Is it cured

promote comprehensive remediation

carry out pollution remediation of small smelting, small chemical industry, printing and dyeing industry

in recent years, Fuyang has carried out small smelting environmental pollution remediation, small chemical pollution remediation, printing and dyeing industry pollution remediation, etc., implemented comprehensive governance of environmental pollution in key areas and key industries, and effectively improved environmental quality

the copper smelting industry is a characteristic industry of Fuyang, which has made great contributions to the local economic development. However, the pollution produced by enterprises in the production process has seriously affected people's production and life

in the rectification, Fuyang adhered to the principles of limiting the small and eliminating the bad, combining the dredging and blocking, adjusting the structure, and improving the rectification. It went deep into villages and enterprises, and did a good job one by one. It has entered villages and households for more than 150 times, and carried out enterprise work for more than 80 times, so as to promote the rectification work in an orderly manner. According to the requirements of comprehensively banning small-scale smelting and all enterprises below the scale must be shut down, after nearly a year of rectification, 19 crude copper smelting enterprises have been eliminated and shut down in the region, 1060 mu of open-air copper ball stalls and raw material sites have been banned, and 39 unlicensed ball mill processing sites have been banned

on the basis of the achievements made in the regulation of small smelting, Fuyang has carried out centralized regulation of zinc chemical industry and electroplating industry, eliminated and shut down 42 zinc chemical enterprises, and only 4 enterprises have been retained after the improvement. 27 electroplating enterprises were eliminated and shut down, 12 were improved, and 4 were relocated to the park. After the rectification of 107 heavy-duty enterprises in the region, 69 enterprises were directly shut down, and 38 enterprises were retained, so that key industries were improved and the environmental quality in key areas was improved

the Chang'an section of Huyuan river is a stream seriously polluted by zinc chemical industry. Zinc chemical enterprises along the river discharge a large amount of wastewater in the production process, which makes heavy metals in the stream exceed the standard, seriously affecting the production and life of residents along the river

hengcha village, close to huyuanxi, has 16 zinc chemical enterprises. He Yonghua, a villager who once served as a deputy to the Fuyang people's Congress for three times, also ran a zinc sulfate plant. He once paid attention to the pollution problem of the village in the proposal. Later, according to the deployment of Fuyang, dozens of zinc chemical enterprises in the region need to be integrated into four, and in hengcha village, they need to be integrated into two. Heyonghua's enterprises have also become the target of shutdown. I didn't expect it to be so strong. Heyonghua said frankly that he was also joked by the villagers as burning himself

Fuyang has successively completed the elimination and shutdown of 39 zinc chemical production enterprises in 7 townships (streets) including Chang'an Town and Changkou Town, and 16 zinc removal enterprises of household appliances have been shut down

after the shutdown and renovation of zinc chemical enterprises, several enterprises upgraded along the river achieved standard discharge, the water quality of Huyuan river was significantly improved, and the phenomenon of excessive heavy metals basically disappeared. Now, the grouper that has disappeared for many years is back in the stream of Chang'an section of Huyuan river

the co governance of five rivers is a major strategic deployment put forward by the Zhejiang provincial Party committee and the provincial government in early 2014. How can Fuyang promote the transformation and benefit the people's livelihood by controlling water

seize the five water co governance

the district Party committee secretary and the district head are in charge of strict supervision and assessment

Fuyang takes the five water co governance as an effective starting point to promote industrial transformation, environmental improvement and people's livelihood improvement, establishes a working leading group headed by the district Party committee secretary and the district head, and transfers 35 people from relevant departments to set up seven steering groups to work on various lines

Fuyang district has formulated the implementation opinions on comprehensively carrying out the joint treatment of five rivers, defined the goal of eliminating garbage rivers in half a year and completing the task in three years in two years, and arranged project funds of 10.02 billion yuan. A total of 543 water control projects were arranged in 2014

in the implementation of specific work, Fuyang implements wall chart operations. Publicize the information of the river chief, police chief and the unit of the river chief, contact person, contact information and so on in the main media at the district level and at the prominent position of the river. The annual governance objectives and key projects were announced, 411 River managers' bulletin boards were set up in the whole region, and letters of agreement were signed with river managers and units

the district water control office carries out monthly supervision and open and secret visits on the completion of work tasks and water environment treatment, and interviews with units and river managers who are not responsible for their work and have the phenomenon of prevarication. The Organization Department of the district Party committee and the District Commission for Discipline Inspection respectively included the work of CO governance of five rivers into the performance assessment of the leading groups and leading cadres, and assessed it as an important part of the Party style and clean government system

by taking practical measures, the work of Fuyang five water co governance has been steadily promoted. By the end of 2014, the water tightness classification cen (prEN) 12208:1997 of 13 garbage rivers with a total length of 217.4 kilometers had been completed in advance, and the regulation task of 9 black and smelly rivers with a total length of 155.4 kilometers had been basically completed

in terms of industrial pollution control, Fuyang has completed the rectification and improvement of 198 key enterprises. 19.8 kilometers of urban sewage pipes were added. 459 standardized farms in the region were upgraded, and the comprehensive utilization rate of livestock and poultry manure in large-scale farms reached 96.88%. The ecological treatment of 36 kilometers of river channels was completed, and more than 10 million yuan was invested in cleaning throughout the year

in Dayuan stream next to the cultural auditorium of Jiangjia village, Dayuan Town, Fuyang District, peasant women wash vegetables in the stream and children play by the stream. Standing aside, Yu naiqun, Secretary of the Party committee of Dayuan Town, said that in previous years, due to the discharge of production wastewater from coastal paper-making enterprises into the stream, the stream water was seriously polluted. Since the renovation, transformation and upgrading of key industries and the joint treatment of five rivers, Dayuan town has shut down and eliminated 22 paper-making enterprises, implemented card swiping and sewage discharge for the five paper-making enterprises that have completed the renovation and upgrading, and banned 12 illegal sludge paper processing sites and 29 illegal waste plastic processing sites

in the five water co governance action, Dayuan town invested more than 3 million yuan to carry out three centralized remediation, removing about 40000 cubic meters of riverbed silt, sedimentary garbage and floating debris, and professional cleaning companies to carry out normalized cleaning of Dayuan Creek. At the same time, the water quality of Dayuan river has been improved through ecological water distribution, diversion and water exchange. This poetic picture of small bridges, flowing water and people is a vivid reflection of the achievements of pollution control, transformation and upgrading, and the joint treatment of five rivers. Yu naiqun said

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